How to style a bow scarf

For me there are three main components of an outfit: beauty, comfort and fun. The comfort part is important to me as I’m basically the type who has to work 24/7. The beauty part and the fun part are closely related. I can look very good every day wearing similar signature outfits, or I can take it a step further by making my outfit nice and creative at least once in a while. One of the first things that comes to mind is the bow tie. They can be made from knitwear, silk, chiffon, and linen, but you don’t see them that often, probably because there’s something atypical about wearing them. To give you a safety net, I’m going to show you some of the best bow scarf outfit ideas that I’ve compiled for you to use as a reference.

Silk bow scarf with white button down shirt and tweed blazer


It’s interesting that sometimes when you combine an atypical object with another atypical object, it magically works. If you bring together some people with very unique qualities, you can create a very special and powerful team. The two atypical items for this outfit are the silk scarf and the tweed blazer. Of course you need the glue that can fuse everything together, namely the white button down shirt, black skinny jeans and black heels.

Wear yours with a dark blue wool blazer and white trousers

Silk Bow Scarf Navy Wool Blazer White Pants

This outfit is very similar to the previous one, but the use of colors and fabrics is very different. This outfit has a much lighter tone. For the top, simply wear a blue and yellow silk scarf with a dark blue wool blazer. Pair them with white pants and nude heeled sandals.

Black chiffon bow scarf with polka dot shirt and plaid jacket

black chiffon bow shawl polka dot shirt

For some reason this outfit seems to have an old England feel to it. It might be the polka dot shirt, but I’m sure. But that doesn’t matter because the only thing that matters is whether this outfit fits you well. For the top, wear a white polka dot shirt with a black chiffon bow scarf. Pair them with a plaid jacket, skinny jeans, pointed toe ankle boots and camel. It’s not easy to put together so many unique looking and contrasting items and still look so beautiful and stylish. So I really appreciate this outfit idea.

Wear it with a blue shirt and a black wool blazer

blue shirt black wool blazer bow scarf

For an outfit that is much easier to pull off, you can simply go for a blue silk scarf with a typical work outfit that consists of a blue shirt, black blazer, jeans and light pink heels. Borrowing the theme of this outfit idea, play up a silk bow scarf with a boring work outfit you wear frequently. Take a look in the mirror and see if your sophisticated outfit surprises you.

Black bow scarf with white button down shirt and sequin blazer

Black Bow Scarf Sequin Blazer Outfit

For a stylish unisex look, you can wear a black bow tie scarf with a white button down shirt and a black sequined blazer. Wear black skinny jeans and sandals to cover your butt. In a way, it’s like wearing a black tie with a form-fitting black suit, but this time it’s a super cool and creative take on that.

Silk bow scarf with cropped black and white sweater

Silk bow scarf black and white cropped sweater

A silk bow scarf goes well with a casual street outfit, especially if the outfit has a feminine style. As a good example, this outfit consists of a black long-sleeved cropped t-shirt with sparse white stripes, high-waisted black skinny jeans, and black heels. Wearing a pink silk bow scarf with this already comfortable looking outfit adds a touch of elegance and femininity to it.

Dark blue silk scarf with light blue boyfriend shirt and skinny jeans

Dark blue skinny jeans with a silk bow scarf

One of my favorite tricks for looking tight and slim is to wear something loose for the top and something tight for the bottom. For example, wear an oversized light blue shirt with buttons at the top and black skinny jeans at the bottom. Add a pair of black ballerina shoes to the equation. I used to stop right there. The outfit is already so well balanced and looks pretty good. But if you want to take this outfit to another level and look more chic, you can simply add a navy blue silk scarf for the finishing touch.

Wear yours with a green blazer and black jeans

green blazer black denim bow tie scarf

To make a green blazer look professional, you can pair it with a white blouse, black skinny jeans, brown leather boots and a green silk scarf. For more outfit ideas for similar boots, check out our blog post on leather ankle boots.

Light yellow bow scarf with light orange cardigan

light yellow bow scarf orange sweater pleated skirt

One of the fun things about the silk bow tie is that you can wear it as a shawl or actually as a bow tie. As an example of the latter usage, wear a light yellow bow tie scarf with a white button down shirt and bright orange cardigan. For the bottom, you can wear a light pink pleated skirt and black sandals. The use of color for this outfit is so warm and cheerful. It’s one of those work outfits that makes you feel refreshed.

Gray knit scarf with plaid trench coat

gray knit scarf with plaid trench coat

Seems like I mentioned some silk bow shawl outfits, I just have to mention one other important point that I really like and that is the knitted bow shawl. For a totally chic look, you can wear a gray knitted scarf with a black and white striped t-shirt dress, a long plaid tweed blazer and black leather knee-high boots. The cuteness of the knit bow scarf balances the seriousness of the rest of the outfit.

White linen shirt with buttons and red silk scarf

white linen button shirt red silk scarf

This outfit idea is to show you the color combination of white and red. A red silk scarf goes well with a white shirt, skinny jeans and light pink heels.

Wear yours with a denim jacket and skinny jeans

Denim jacket silk scarf bow

The next time you want to add a feminine touch to a denim jacket outfit, consider a silk bow scarf.

Flowery silk scarf with white shirt and gray cardigan

gray cardigan with a floral silk bow

As a cute way to dress like a little gentleman, you can wear a floral silk bow shawl with a white button down shirt and a gray cardigan. Black skinny jeans and white sneakers are a great choice to complement the look. This is a fun and cool outfit for meeting friends.

DIY knit scarf with matching drainpipe pants

DIY Knitted Bow Shawl Oufit

You can make a pretty knitted bow shawl by tying your signature long knitted shawl. As you can see in this example, it can be really fun to try every now and then to jazz up an overly simple outfit, like this one that consists of a white t-shirt and skinny brown jeans.

I really had a lot of fun compiling this rare list of bow scarf outfit ideas. I hope you would like it as much as I do.

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