How to style a black denim jacket

The blue denim jacket is without question one of the most iconic pieces of clothing. On the other hand, the black denim jacket isn’t nearly as popular, but there’s actually plenty of room to play, whether you’re more into casual or work outfits. It is not surprising that styling a black jacket is quite simple. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some black denim jacket outfit ideas that I absolutely love. Hopefully, reintroducing the magic of the black denim jacket can add more variety to your everyday outfit.

Black denim jacket with black sweater and ripped jeans

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I start this list with a dark and cool black outfit. It consists of a black sweater, black denim jacket, ripped jeans and leather boots. The rough feel that comes with the denim jacket and ripped jeans can really give you that tough look you want to achieve every now and then.

Wear it with a white t-shirt dress

white t-shirt dress black denim dress
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This outfit can just make you look so cute and adorable that I can easily associate it with a beautiful tennis player. This black and white outfit just kills it. The white part consists of the white t-shirt dress and sneakers. The black part is represented by the black oversized denim jacket. I love this and it’s easily my favorite outfit on the list.

Wear with White Vest Top & Gray Jeans

white vest top gray jeans black denim jacket
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As mentioned in another blog post I wrote about gray jeans, they have that unique feel that cannot be compared to jeans in mainstream colors like blue, black and white. There are times when we just want to dress understated, which still looks decent enough, and the gray jeans in this outfit can do just that. Pair the jeans with a white waistcoat and a black denim jacket.

Wear it with red hoodies and skinny jeans

red hoodie black denim jacket
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I have to admit that I’m as much a basketball fanatic as I am a fashionista. If there’s a bridge that connects the basketball and fashion worlds, it has to be the Air Jordan brand. Although I didn’t get a chance to actually see Jordan play back then, his brand only breathes black and red. Every time I see black and red I think of Air Jordan and size. This is just my little story behind my love for the black and red color combination.
As a good example of wearing these colors, you can wear a red hoodie with a black denim jacket. Pair these pieces with black jeans and leather boots to complete this chic look.

Washed black denim jacket with leggings and boots

washed black denim jacket leggings boots
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Here’s another one that looks demure yet decent. Wear a charcoal gray top with a black denim jacket. Pair them with black leggings and suede boots. It’s one of those outfits that you can quickly throw on and shop or stop by your neighbors.

Wear it with black skinny jeans with a check shirt with a tie waist

black skinny jeans tie around a checked waist shirt
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Wear is another outfit idea that uses one of my color combos: black and red. For the top, wear a white V-neck t-shirt and a black denim jacket. Pair them with black skinny jeans and ankle boots. The finishing touch that transforms the outfit from a typical outfit into a striking one is the black and red plaid shirt with tie. I like this type of style so much that I actually wrote a blog post about how to style a shirt or jacket with a tie.

Black denim jacket with green comfortable sweater

black denim jacket green comfortable sweater
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There’s a lot going on with the outfit and I’m referring to the beautiful way of layering it. You really have to delve into the details to understand how the layering makes this outfit look so good. It consists of the oversized gray t-shirt layered underneath a comfy oversized green sweater. The layering of these parts is another oversized element in the black jean jacket. That’s not all with the outfit. The black skinny jeans and heels make you look slim and balance the oversized top. The loose top tight bottom is a trick to keep you from looking bulky when wearing oversized items for the top.

Wear with Off The Should White Blouse

off-the-shoulder white blouse, black denim jacket
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Because the black denim jacket, especially the heavily washed one, has the feel of roughness, you can balance it with a white off-the-shoulder blouse if you want to style it more ladylike. Complete the outfit with skinny jeans and ankle boots or ballerinas.

Oversized black denim jacket and black scoop neck mini dress

oversized black denim jacket black mini dress
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You can achieve a stylish and relaxed feel by pairing a shirt dress with an oversized jacket. For a good example of such an outfit, pair a black scoop neck mini dress with an oversized black denim jacket and mid-calf leather boots. Despite being an all black outfit, it doesn’t look boring or dark at all because the combination of texture from the three pieces just adds so much depth and character.

Wear yours with black and white striped t-shirts and white denim shorts

black and white striped t-shirt white denim shorts
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For a summer outfit that looks great but is different from everyone else, you can wear a black and white striped t-shirt, a black denim jacket, white jean shorts, white sneakers and a black baseball cap. The use of color is unique compared to the typical blue denim jacket and blue jeans combination.

Oversized Black Jacket with Mom Jeans

oversized black jacket mom jeans
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It’s just not that easy to look good in mom jeans. Balance is the key. A great way to do this is by wearing an oversized black denim jacket to balance out the high-waisted mom jeans.

Here are some of my favorite black denim jacket styling tips. I mean, I’m also a big fan of the blue denim jacket. But you’ll never see how good you can look without looking for different colors, especially on items that peel off easily.

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