Hottest Manicure Trends

2018 is almost here and I bet you’re looking for the hottest trends to rock next year: clothes, shoes, and accessories, and don’t forget about makeup and nails too! Today we share the hottest manicure trends for the coming year and I hope you find your inspiration there.

Performs French manicure

French mani is timeless because it is universal: you can wear it both in the office and in the club. In 2018 it will be one of the nail trends, but not traditional – try different modern and fresh variants of this manicure. Ombre French Nails, Reverse French Nails, French Mani with Rhinestones for a Special Occasion, and so on – look for something really noticeable!

Shimmery nails

This is another hot trend to rock in 2018. It actually never goes out of style because it is very girly, but it will be even more of a nervous idea. I’m not talking about traditional glitter, it’s just about a slight sheen on your nails that is usually achieved with different tops, for example a pearlescent finish. The colors are yours, although nude shimmer manis are the hottest.

Marble nails

Marble nails are gaining popularity because they are bold, interesting, and they go well with many outfits. You can try different shades, from black and white to blush and gold glitter. There are many combinations and no nail looks the same – every single nail is different and special. Stay in trend!

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