hooded jackets

Hoodies are extremely cozy and cozy jackets, mostly made of cotton, which are mainly used as casual wear at home or in the gym. They lie comfortably on the body and are usually equipped with a zipper.

Classification of the category hooded jackets

Possible versions

With a hood are the head-shaped fabric covers that

are attached. Generally, the latter model is meant when talking about a hooded jacket, but you can just call any hooded jacket that.

Various functions

This protects your head and face from inclement weather as well as from unwanted eyes. They are usually made of the same material as the jacket and often have cords or ties in the hem so you can pull them tight around your head and face if needed.

In warm winter jackets, they are often lined with plush or faux fur and studded with studs or rivets. In wind and rain jackets, they are often attached in such a way that they can disappear when they are not used in a hollow collar.

Other hoods can be attached to the jacket with a button or zipper. Hoodies and the combined outfit often look more sporty due to their utility.

Warm and practical

Hoodies protect the wearer’s head from snow, rain, cold and wind and offer a warming alternative for those who don’t like hats. They also prove to be extremely practical in the event of surprising or underestimated changes in the weather, as you simply cannot forget – compared to umbrellas, hats and the like.

Depending on the material and cut of the entire hooded jacket, they can also look romantic and elegant, for example on soft, heavy wool coats with (artificial) fur trimmings. Here you generously frame the face and become a stylistic device. In southern regions, light, airy hooded jackets are worn that offer simple protection from strong sunlight.

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