Hockey Men Tattoo Ideas

We’ve already told you about sports tattoo ideas like running-inspired and basketball ideas, and we’d like to continue on this topic as a sport will always be popular with men and women around the world. Have you ever seen hockey games? Or are you a big fan of this type of sport? Do you enjoy playing hockey or do you even have a team made up of your friends and colleagues? If you’ve said “yes” four times, then you definitely need to read this article. Today I want to turn your attention to hockey tattoo ideas that look powerful and monumental. As always, you can choose between black and white and eye-catching colorful tattoos and place them where you want. At the moment you can scroll down and consider all the ideas we have gathered for you. Enjoy!

Black Hockey Tattoo Ideas

If you want something simple that shows your personality and love for the hockey games, you can ask your tattoo artist to ink a black outline skate tattoo on your forearms or legs with your lucky number or a number of your favorite player. Or you can create a black heartbeat with a word “hockey” or an infinity sign with the same word tattoos on your wrists, shoulders or ankles. If you love big tattoos, you can repeat ideas with a picture of your favorite player on your forearm or shoulder, or with men playing hockey tattoos on your back or chest.

Colorful hockey tattoo ideas

If you want an eye-catching tattoo, choose a colorful one. For example, you can ink a colored mark of your favorite hockey team tattoo on your hands or legs. If you love fun ideas then make a cartoon hockey puck with a hockey stick in the tooth tattoo.

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