Heeled Mules Outfit Ideas

Heels Mules are a hot trend that popped up a few years ago and that is popping up a lot right now. If you haven’t bought a pair yet, it’s high time you did – they’ll suit office, appointments, parties, and other occasions including a photo shoot – they’re sexy!

There are different models to choose from, which can be more open or closed. There are many colors, from blush and nude to black and burgundy, and different types of materials to choose from. If you want the latest in fashionable mules, think about padded woven ones.

High-heeled mules look good with any clothing: pantsuits and overalls, jeans and skirts, dresses and shorts. High-heeled mules add a touch of 80-90 to your look. If that’s how you want to style your outfit, continue the theme with baggy jeans, a printed oversized t-shirt, and other things.

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