Heartbeat Women Tattoos

Are you looking for adorable and so touching tattoo ideas? Do you want something minimalist but unique at the same time? Then you should definitely pay attention to heartbeat tattoos. This type of tattoo (you can also find a name “EKG line tattoo”) looks like an irregular line that goes up and down and in general means a precious thing in life. There are so many cool and interesting ideas to choose from and apply to your body. So all you have to do is choose the right design and location for your new tattoo. You can create a simple and minimalist heartbeat tattoo. But if you want something original, add various details to this line such as: B. a heart, pets (a picture of your dog or cat), a treble clef or headphones, a bird. etc. Now scroll down to view all the ideas collected that are absolutely worth your attention and time.

Black heartbeat tattoo ideas

In my opinion this type of tattoo is very intimate and personal, it can symbolize a love, passion, power, strength or rebirth. Many women make these tattoos in memory of their important people or dates. You can do simple small tattoos on wrists, ankles, sides or collarbones. When looking for ideas with matching tattoos, you can create a heartbeat line that starts on your forearm and continues on your best friend’s or friend’s forearm. This means that you are so close together and have a life and heart for two.

Colorful heartbeat tattoo ideas

Of course, the most common colored heartbeat tattoo is a red heart tattoo that you can place on your collarbone, ankles, wrists, or even behind your ear. To make your tattoo more gentle and feminine, you can add different flowers and ink to it on the hand and shoulder.

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