Halter tops

Halter tops

Aside from the straps, halter tops are formally regular tops. These can either be tied at the neck or already sewn, but they can also run over the neck. The tops to be tied are particularly practical as they can be adjusted to the individual size depending on the stature and mood of the wearer. The halter at the neck leaves the back and shoulders free, which is a pleasant change from a normal top, especially in summer.

Classification of the category halter tops

Choker tops are part of women’s outerwear and represent a special form of top characterized by special straps.

Features of the cut

According to the term “hold in the neck”, the straps of the halter tops do not run parallel to each other, as is the case with spaghetti tops, for example, but lead past the neck and close at the neck.


There are two variants: In addition to the halter top, whose straps form a closed band at the neck, there are also those where the two straps have to be tied at the neck. This always has the advantage that you can always adjust the size of the top yourself, which prevents the halter tops from being too loose.

Halter tops are similar to spaghetti tops and are only cut in shape. They are also available in numerous variations that differ in color and design. Whether simple or colourful, sporty and casual or chic – with the large selection of different models you are usually spoiled for choice.

ASOS DESIGN halterneck crop top in black |  HOW
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ASOS DESIGN halterneck crop top in black |  HOW

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