Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween is the best time to dress up and rock creepy makeup and nails. Today we’re sharing some classic Halloween nail arts in style.

French manicure

A French mani can be spiced up for Halloween with some simple and fun ideas. Add stitches, make tips orange, red, or black, try black cat accents or ghost and mummy accents. Classic French nails with dripping blood are a cool and chic idea.

Bloody nails

Bloody nails go well with a vampire, madman, zombie or any other outfit. They are easy to make. Make usual French mani and add blood dripping in a bold and perhaps glittering color. You can also try bloody fingerprints on your nails. They are more difficult, but they look beautiful.

Cobwebs and spiders

Spiders and cobwebs are popular for Halloween nails. You can vary different colors, try french nails and then add black spiders or white spider webs to make the nails stand out. If polish is too difficult to paint on, you can always try decals.


Another popular motif for Halloween decor, outfits, and nails. Create bold nightmare before Christmas nail arts or try ghost decals on your nails. Black and orange are the most popular colors for white ghost decals. Get inspired!

Other ideas

Choose nail arts to match your Halloween outfit and party: sweetcorn, stylish dark gradient nails, neon nails with decals, or monster-inspired manicures.

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