Halloween Men Makeup Ideas

Halloween is a great time to wear something special and of course you will need some cool makeup to complete your look. I am not only talking about girls, but also men and children! Men don’t usually do a lot of makeup to avoid it altogether because there are a lot of costumes and they seem to recreate without makeup. But if you feel like making up this year, this roundup is for you because I am sharing great Halloween makeup ideas for men!

Skull makeup ideas

Skulls and skeletons are hugely popular for Halloween, and you can rock skull makeup – it’s scary, can be elegant, and you don’t need a serious costume. Create it in black and white or just black, or go for bold colors like purple. Another idea is a sugar skull makeup that is for those who love Mexico and are ready to rock bold costumes and sunglasses.

Other makeup ideas

Some other popular ideas for men can be werewolves, jokers, zombies, ice men, and various dead doctors, clowns, etc. Among these, you’ll find several outfits that don’t require a costume, just bold makeup, such as ice cream man. Other ideas don’t require a lot of makeup from you, for example if you don’t want one – go for a Superman costume. Get inspired!

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