Halloween Couple Costumes

Are you going to or throwing a Halloween party as a couple? Then you’ll love our roundup on Halloween couple costumes! Let’s see which characters are the main source of inspiration.


Like Mad Max? Dress up in this film style and rock cool steampunk! Are you a geek who loves fantasy and sci-fi? Then try out LOTR, various superheroes, and maybe X-Men costumes – pick any character you like. This year’s couple costume is Joker and Harley Quinn because the suicide squad really showed up! Now every girl wants to be Harley, at least for one night. Not sure what to choose? Try out classics like the Addams family or Harry Potter characters that almost became classics. Another idea is a bit retro: the cosplay movie The Shining was mystical and scary.

Cartoons and games

If you are a fan of computer games, you can always try to cosplay a character from these games: Mario, Lara Croft, Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age and so on. You can also mix up different characters from your favorite games and even movies.

If you love Disney then it’s a never-ending source of inspiration: Mickey and Minnie, Aladdin and Jasmine, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Alice and White Rabbit and more ideas are welcome. You can cosplay all of the cartoons, shows, and series to enjoy this Halloween.

Other ideas

No time to think about the costume idea? With the popularity of Pokemon Go, the choice of Pikachu and Ash costumes is super trendy and hot. Angel and devil costumes always work together, especially when it comes to two girls or two men. You can also create a super sleek skeleton look by choosing black and white clothes and skull makeup.

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