Half Moon Nail Art Ideas

Crescent nails are another super hot beauty trend that you should definitely try out if you haven’t tried them out before. What is so great about such nails is that when you do shellac when your nails grow, it won’t be seen clearly because the crescent moon manicure repeats the natural lines of the nail. Let’s look at some of the chic ideas that you can try.

Suitable for work

Crescent manicure can definitely be for work and office – just rock nude or french nails. Choose colors like nude, blush, pink, white, and off-white to create gorgeous and non-boring nail art.

With glitter or pearls

To make it that much more Christmassy you can add glitter details or add pearls or pearls which is extra cool for some occasions, parties, and even weddings. Blush looks great with gold glitter, matte blue is amazing with silver metallic accents, and so on – just mix the colors right. If you’re a bride, go for subtle French or white nails with a crescent moon look and maybe some pearls.

Other ideas

Use negative space in your half moon manicure – whether it’s the whole nail or some negative half moon details, your nails are going to be super trendy. Rock bold colors for summer and vacation: red, turquoise, yellow, emerald and pink, it’s up to you. Go for a minimalist look with black and negative crescent nails. Get inspired!

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