Grown Up Men Backpacks

Men need something to carry around, no less than women. If you’re the type who isn’t really a bag lover, go for a backpack! It can hold a lot of things that you need during the day and it is much more convenient to carry as it is easy on the shoulders. If you’re scared of looking like a school boy, be it not because there are tons of fashionable adult backpacks out there.

A modern backpack can be made from synthetic leather, suede or fabric. The latter can be waterproof, which is important to keep everything inside in order. There are simple modern and minimalist designs and vintage-inspired designs that are similar to the backpacks that were used a long time ago. Choose one as it will go with most looks. Don’t wear sporty clothes with a vintage-inspired and stylish backpack. As for the colors, there are all the shades and tones you can think of, although the classic shades of brown and black are. Also, check out two-tone pieces that are very on trend.

What about functionality? It depends on you and how many things you have to carry. There are laptop backpacks and only oversized ones, and there are also smaller ones. To make it easy and inspiring for you, we’ve put together our favorite backpack looks so you can find out what works best for your man. Show him the gallery, it will prove that a backpack is an accessory worth investing in!

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