Greek Sandals Summer Outfits

Greek sandals are classic summer shoes that will never go out of style. With summer coming and we’re going to have to go out anyway, it’s high time you figured out which sandals to buy and how to pair them with clothes.

Timeless Greek sandals should be minimalist, no details except leather straps and no other colors – just one. The floor should be pretty thin but not too thin and very minimal, no platforms. Avoid buckles and sparkles to make these sandals more compatible with different outfits.

Choose basic colors like light brown, beige, black, and white and avoid heels. If you really want them, choose kitten heels or very low heels. The sandals can be laced or only with straps and that’s it. Such sandals look cool with both pants and skirts, and can be worn anywhere, from work to parties. Enjoy!

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