Gorgeous Summer Bags

A girl can’t go anywhere without a bag, that’s where we have all our related and necessary things, and each girl puts a different set of things there. There are many fashionable types of bags and purses to wear this summer and I can’t wait to share the trendiest examples with you!

Straw or woven bags

A straw cover is a summer classic and of course you can rock it anytime and almost anywhere, but these summer designers give you a lot more. Here you will find very eye-catching straw and woven bags in unique shapes and with different decorations. It can be whitewashed and round, or small and breast-like to make a fashion statement. It’s up to you and what you like.

Boho bags

The boho style is very popular and now ubiquitous. Of course, if you like this style, you can also rock such accessories as bags. When you’re feeling free spirited, it’s high time you carried on a beautiful gypsy-inspired clutch with embroidery, pompoms, tassels, beads, sequins, coins, rhinestones and all the other kids with details. Rock it in super bold colors or opt for Moroccan-inspired whites and silvers – it’s up to you and your look.

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