Golf Tattoo Ideas For Guys

If you like sports, you may want to get an athletic tattoo inked in. That is why we are always showing you more and more examples of amazing and meaningful tattoos related to sports. Today I’m ready to share with you cool and gorgeous golf tattoos that are perfect for all men who love this game. As always, you can choose between black or brightly colored tattoos with images of a golfer, a golf club (or several), a golf course or a golf ball. There are so many interesting ideas out there, and we’ve put together the best just for you. So scroll down and get some inspiration!

Black golf tattoo ideas

If you want to get a half sleeve tattoo, you can choose an image of a black golf ball on your arm and shoulder. Many men ink such tattoos in memory of their fathers or close friends so that you can add an important phrase, quote or date to your golf ball tattoo as well. If you love a simplicity in everything, try repeating a small black tattoo with the image of a golfer and putting it on your arm or back. Do you want something unique? Then you can choose a tattoo of a skull and two golf clubs on your forearm.

Colorful golf tattoo ideas

Colorful tattoos aren’t as easy to combine as black ones, but they always look so eye-catching and fun! So if you’re up for some bold ideas, you can ask your tattoo artist to create a colorful, sunny golf field with a palm tree tattoo and put it on your back or chest. Another popular idea among men is a tattoo of a golfer playing on the sunset. You can try repeating this idea on your back, legs, or shoulders.

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