Gold Henna Tattoo Ideas

Shine bright like a diamond! Girls should do this all year round, but especially in summer and, of course, during your vacation. What I love to do on the beach vacation is rocking henna tattoos – they are temporary and cool and wash out in 2-3 weeks but keep you reminding you of your amazing vacation all the time.

Today I want to share gold henna tattoos because they are very eye-catching and shiny, go with almost any skin color and shade, and look cool. Plus, they look great with dark and white henna elements.

Wrists and arms

Rock gorgeous delicate gold henna tattoos on your hand and wrist and continue to your fingers on your arm or both! These are usually delicate and girlish mandalas with various eye-catching elements, but you can try anything – sun, stars, feathers, scarabs, etc. – anything that comes to mind.


Another popular placement for a gold henna tattoo is on your back. Wearing a bathing suit or off the shoulder dress makes it easy to show off your tattoo. Mandalas, necklaces, dream catchers, flowers and various patterns can be placed on your back to accentuate your look. Rock some matching wrist henna ribbons and finger tattoos. Get inspired!

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