Glitter Sunglasses

In general, sunglasses are very important for sunny summer days. It not only protects your eyes from the bright sun, but also completes your look and gives it charm. First of all, of course, you need to decide which type of sunglasses (round, square, cat-eye, oversized, etc.) is perfect for your face shape. Ideally, you should have different sunglasses that you can change depending on your outfit. And second, watch out for sunglasses lenses, which can be ombre, mirrored, colored, super dark, etc.

Today we’re making the most sparkling sunglasses that will make you shine. We are sure it will be your favorite summer accessory! Now let’s look at our project. You will need inexpensive sunglasses, mod podge, loose glitter, and a brush. Create your glitter mix. Then stir the Mod Podge and glitter together with the brush. Now apply the glitter mixture to the edges of the glasses and ear pieces and lightly brush them on. Then let it dry for 20 minutes and then apply another layer. You can apply as many layers as needed. Wait 24 hours before wearing to allow the final layer of glitter mix to dry completely. Voila! And your inexpensive sunglasses look very chic and stylish! They are good for a beach, a nightly summer party or just for everyday life. Let this summer be bright!

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