Girl Shoe Types For Summer

Shoes are an important part of every look and outfit. They can make a statement, highlight your look, add style, or even create a mood for the entire outfit. That’s why we girls love her so much. Every girl has a lot of shoes for different occasions and weather, but what are the hottest shoes for summer 2016 to rock?

  1. Block heels from day to night. These are the sandals that can be worn all summer and even deep into autumn. The low, comfy heel will work with you all day, from the office to dinner, and you can rock it at night.
  2. Printed wedges. Nothing screams summer like such shoes. They look great with summer dresses, denim skirts, white ruffle tops, and anything else you wear in the warmer months.
  3. Platform sandals. These are among the hottest trends this year and are also very comfortable to wear during the heat, as platforms do not tense the foot.
  4. Apartments are a must for every season, because there is no other shoe that you can wear with almost anything and that never goes out of style. You can create different styles and looks depending on the weather and your preference. The nice thing is that apartments are not stressful for feet, you can wear them all day.
  5. Fringed heels. This is one of the hottest trends for 2016, and many celebrities have already rocked it. Create a playful and girlish look with a strong boho taste to rock in your free time.
  6. Laced sandals. Such shoes are another hot idea for creating girly looks. These shoes go well with skirts, shorts or dresses to show off the beauty of these sandals.
  7. Heels with ankle straps. This is one of the sexiest types of shoes out there, and you can rock them for dates, various important occasions, and even work this summer – they are universal. Go for bold looks with shorts, pants, skirts, rompers or dresses, choose heels in contrasting colors to make a statement.
  8. Nude strappy sandals. This classic sandal is a must-have all year round. If you haven’t found one yet, try to find your perfect pair and be inspired by the looks of the celebrities.
  9. All kinds of slides are trending this summer, they are very relaxing, you won’t feel hot, and you can rock them to any pool party or to the beach.

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