Gemstone Jewelry

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and even earrings embellished with precious stones are some of the most popular pieces of jewelry. In almost infinite colors, shapes and sizes, gemstones offer the right decorative element for every taste.

Classification of the gemstone jewelry category

    • 1 description
    • 2 Gentle cleaning of the gemstones
    • 3Properties and quality of gemstones
    • 4th Find matching gems for each type

      • 4.1 anxious and insecure types
      • 4.2 Sick and restless people
      • 4.3 lovesick
      • 4.4 Effect of day and month stones
      • 4.5The most famous gems
      • 4.6 Color, use and importance of minerals

        • 4.6.1 Agate, Amazonite, Amethyst & Andalusite
        • 4.6.2 Anhydrite, Apatite, Aquamarine & Aragonite
        • 4.6.3 Aventurine Quartz, Amber, Calcite & Chalcedony
        • 4.6.4 Chrysocolla, Citrine, Dolomite & Hawk’s Eye
        • 4.6.5 Fluorite, Jet, Galaxite & Gold River
        • 4.6.6 Garnet, Heliotrope, Hemimorphite & Hematite
        • 4.6.7 Jade, Carnelian, Coral & Labradorite
        • 4.6.8 Lapis Lazuli, Magnesite, Moonstone & Obsidian
        • 4.6.9 Onyx, Opal, Pectolite & Smoky Quartz
        • 04/06/10 Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Tiger Iron & Topaz
        • 04/06/11 Tourmaline & Turquoise

Possible executions

These are all used to make jewelry as well. For example, you often see rings with gemstones set into the surface of the ring or mounted on the ring in a setting. This can be one large gemstone per ring or even multiple small copies. Necklaces and necklaces with precious stones are also popular. Many gemstones, often of different colors, are usually worked into intricate jewelry.

In addition, there are usually earrings that are worn in the same style and color as the necklace or necklace. In addition, tiaras, which are commonly used in the hairstyle on the wedding day, are made of silver or gold and then set with precious stones.

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