Fur Parka Men Outfits

As you remember yesterday, I offered ladies to look out for a fur parka. Today let’s talk about these type of coats in terms of men’s fashion. I’m sure you know that a parka is a windproof coat with a hood so you look stylish and feel comfortable when you wear it. You should know that for the fall and winter seasons, you can choose a parka with a faux fur hood or lining. It is easy to guess that the most common colors for such coats are olive green, brown and black, as they can be perfectly combined with any colored piece of clothing. Below are some examples of how you can wear parkas this time of year. So don’t waste your time and scroll down.

Outfits with jeans

Jeans and parka – what a great combination of clothes for every day! You can pair blue distressed jeans with a gray cardigan, olive green parka with a fur hood, Marsala boots and a gray hat. Or you can combine dark gray skinny jeans, a pink hoodie, a brown fur parka, a backpack and brown leather boots. A parka looks interesting with jackets, so you can combine a gray shirt with buttons, a dark blue blazer, a green army parka, jeans with pockets, boots with a medium calf and a bag. Or try repeating the outfit with a plaid shirt, denim jacket, cropped parka, and gray jeans.

Outfits with pants

I love how someone can mix different styles and create fabulous and unique outfits so you can follow their examples. Simply combine a dark blue jacket, classic straight trousers, red sneakers, a printed scarf, an olive green parka with white faux fur and leather gloves. If you’re looking for an outfit that is easy to create, go for a plaid shirt, black pants, red or marsala wooden boots, and a brown parka coat.

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