French Manicure Ideas 2020

French manicure is honestly out, it left the top trends, but there are two new versions this year – Double French Tip Manicure and Micro French Manicure. You get rocked at all the fashion shows and catwalks that many fashionistas try too. Let yourself be inspired!

Double tip French manicure

A double tip French manicure is a cool idea for wearing classics fresh and modern without looking dated. Your double tip can come on its own, it can be a tip and a curved tip on the side or on opposite sides – it’s up to you. Vary the colors and make your nails even bolder!

Micro French manicure

A micro French manicure is another idea for wearing French nails in a bold way. This trend is based on minimalism, which is currently on trend. You can wear it in classic colors or try something bold for a statement. Get inspired!

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