Forward Helix Piercings

Follow the curve of your cartilage around the ear until you reach the side of your face (i.e. directly above the tragus) and this piercing area is called the forward helix. You can also have double or triple forward helix piercings.

The forward piercing is one of the most painful ear piercings. So think about that before you do it. Your sleep needs to change a bit during the healing period. If you disturb the pierced area, it can lead to inflammation and more pain. It can even delay the healing process due to recurring injuries. It takes about three months to heal, but you shouldn’t change jewelry right away – wait until you feel no more pain and discomfort.

Do not make multiple pierced ears on both sides at the same time. You need one ear for sleeping, talking on the phone, etc., and it can be incredibly difficult to pierce cartilage into both ears at the same time – if not impossible.

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