Foldable ballerinas for women

Slippers are scary comfortable shoe shape and perfect for a quick shoe change. Due to the lack of laces or fasteners, the shoe can be put on or taken off quickly and, depending on the model, sits firmly or airy on the foot. In addition to slippers with heels, like the pumps Also in women’s fashion more and more variants with low heels Found her way to stores like mocha, loafers and ballet flats. The ballerina shoes in particular are very comfortable on the foot and are available in every imaginable shape, color and style in the market. A particularly sophisticated member of the ballerina family is the foldable ballerina.

The ballerina shoe in all its facets

The traditional ballerina shoe is visually inspired by the shoes of professional dancers and therefore a flat slip shoe model with a low shank that exits the back of the foot to just below the toe box. This leads to an optical stretching of the leg, which is a real advantage for women with thicker calves in particular, if they want to do without the stretching effect of high heels.

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