Floral Blazer Women Outfits

We keep pampering you with flowers as it’s spring and there can’t be anything better than flowers for this season. Today I want to share some adorable ideas for styling a floral blazer this spring. This is a great idea for a feminine look and to be comfortable when it’s cold.

Pants and jeans

Do you love jeans? Rock it! Cuffs, skinnies, friends, black, blue, white, gray – no matter what, if all you put on is a neutral t-shirt, heels and your denim plus a floral blazer, it will look perfect. For pants, I recommend bold ones – coral, pink, navy, emerald and a bold blazer so that a colorful outfit is ready. You can also find more delicate floral blazers and wear white pants for a subtle and feminine spring look.

dresses and skirts

A little black or white dress goes well with a floral blazer. Just add a pair of strong or nude heels and voila! A bold mini dress is fine too, just don’t use too many colorful details in your outfit. A mini skirt, white top, and floral blazer are fine. If it’s a bomber jacket, wear sneakers with your outfit – this is a comfortable and chic look.

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