Flat Caps Men Outfits

In my opinion, a flat cap is an accessory that always looks stylish and makes your outfits more elegant and chic. This is why many men (and girls too) choose this type of hat so often for their fall and winter look. In general, this cap (also known as a taxi driver, gatsby, or newsboy cap) is rounded and has a stiff brim at the front. Of course, you can choose a cap from any fabric you want, but you should know that the most common wools are wool, tweed, and cotton. If you want something unique, then get cord, leather or linen caps. The most popular colors for winter and fall looks are black, gray, brown, or navy blue (and many examples can be found below). However, if you’re looking for unique ideas, go for a red, blue, or green cap. Now I offer you to look at the collected pictures. So don’t waste your time and scroll down.

Outfits with jackets and shirts

This cap goes perfectly with various jackets and blazers. When the weather isn’t that cold, you can pair a tweed cap with a black shirt, black jeans, brown boots, and a denim jacket for a casual look. Or combine a white shirt with buttons, blue jeans, brown boots, a gray flat cap and a blue cardigan. For more chic outfits, choose a tweed jacket and pair it with a tweed cap, dark blue vest, white shirt, black pants and oxford shoes.

Outfits with coats

For winter outfits, you should pay attention to coats. Choose your preferred coat type (straight, duffle, peacoat, parka, etc.) and pair it with a plaid flat cap, jeans, a sweater, neutral boots and a leather shoulder bag. Don’t forget about accessories like a scarf and sunglasses, they will definitely make your look gorgeous.

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