Feather Earrings Leather

The boho chic style is super on trend right now and everyone is rocking it everywhere from the beach to shopping to parties and weddings. Relaxed lace dresses, long skirts, braids, feathers, various pearls and shells make you look relaxed and super fashionable. Summer is the time of boho chic, laid-back and relaxed outfits and music festivals!

If you love all of these then you are probably preparing your boho look and various accessories. Today we’re going to make cool feather-inspired leather earrings for the summer music festival and just rock them with boho looks. Prepare one or more thin pieces of leather, an earring set with ear hooks and jump rings, a gold leaf set, 1 inch brush, sharp cloth scissors, thick sewing needle, thin pliers, or tweezers. First, create a template for your feathers out of thick paper or cardboard. Draw the template on the back of your leather pieces and cut out your feathers. Once you’ve shaped your feathers, apply gold foil to them with foil glue and a paint brush. Use a light hand, you don’t need a lot of glue! Randomly apply your glue and foil for a less constructed look. Read the instructions below musingsonmomentum.com.

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