Faux Hawk Haircuts For Men

What is a faux hawk haircut? The Faux Hawk is a toned down version of the easily recognizable Mohawk, where both sides of the head are cleanly shaved and only a long strip of hair remains in the middle. The faux hawk has the same signature streak of longer hair, but allows you to leave some hair on the sides, which isn’t as long as the traditional cut. The best thing about faux hawk hairstyles is that you can incorporate a dissolve or undercut, which is a trendy idea. Do you need some examples? Here you are!

Shorter fohawks

Textured, spiky, faded, tapered faux hawks are trendy and edgy ideas that lend themselves to bold, modern looks. These short haircuts require minimal styling and look hot and edgy. You can spice them up with colors and textures.

Longer fohawks

A longer fohawk can be offset, wavy, layered, and just with a lot of volume. Such haircuts require enough styling, you can add color and create texture – they look very hipster and very cool.

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