Faux Fur Vest Winter Outfits

Layered looks are indispensable for winter: They keep you warm, look comfortable and feel pleasant. It can be difficult to create looks like this to look stylish, but I know one element that would look great with almost anything – it’s a faux fur vest! Let’s see how to style such a piece for winter and what to wear it with.

Short faux fur vests

A short faux fur vest in various shades of brown, black, or cream can be worn with skinnies, boots or high boots, a plaid shirt, and a sweater. You can also style it with a sweater, mini skirt, and some boots. Add a scarf and hat for more warmth. If it is really cold, choose a shirt or t-shirt and a sweater over it, and then a vest – such a combination is very warm.

Long faux fur vests

The longer your vest, the warmer you will feel. A longer vest can be styled in practically the same way as a short one: a pair of skinnies, a sweater or turtleneck, a statement necklace, a hat, a scarf and high boots or ankle boots of your choice.

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