Fall Sweater Work Outfits

It’s cold outside? If so, it’s time to warm up and find some comfortable sweaters that you can go anywhere, including at work. If your office doesn’t have a strict dress code, a sweater is a great piece of clothing in fall and winter, and you’ll be very comfortable in the office. Here are some ideas on how to rock a sweater to work and look super stylish.

Sweater + pants

Wear your favorite sweater to work with slacks or slacks and pull a white shirt under the sweater. A pair of heels and a stylish bag – and voila, you are ready to go! Don’t forget that textures should coordinate somehow – your pants should be made of fairly thick fabric to wear with pants. If it’s a casual Friday, you can wear jeans and maybe loafers with a sweater.

Sweaters + skirts

Wearing a casual sweater with a skirt is a super chic and popular idea, and if your work allows it, rock this combo there. It can be a knee or midi skirt with a cool fall color or a neutral shade, and the sweater can be short or oversized and casual. A pair of ankle boots and a white shirt under a short piece – and you will feel good and look fantastic!

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