Fall Layered Outfits For Work

Autumn is in full swing and it’s high time to dress up to feel warm, comfortable and look stylish anywhere, including at work. Not only is layering a hot trend, it’s also a chic way to be comfortable on cold days, and that’s exactly what we have to do to look cool at work. Here are some ideas for creating cool fall layered looks for the office this fall.

Jackets and sweaters

If it’s not too cold, all you need to do is cover up a jacket or sweater. Put on a long sleeved top or shirt, pants, skirt, or even jeans and add a sweater. If it’s too cold add a jacket and scarf and voila! As for the colors – it’s all up to you, but in the fall we strongly recommend mustard, burgundy, emerald and navy if they are allowed in your office, and gray, beige and blush as neutral colors if bold colors cannot be worn.


A coat is another nice idea for creating a layered look in the fall or winter. Jeans, pants or a nice knee skirt with a shirt, a sweater or a turtleneck and a coat over it are just the thing for a cold day. cold outside? Swap shoes for ankle boots, add gloves, a scarf, and voila! Vests can be worn under your coat instead of sweaters if it’s not too cold.

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