Embroidered Mesh Top Outfits

The trend of wearing all-mesh clothing appeared on the fashion scene not so long ago. Wearing transparent clothing is actually always a challenge, but has been seen as somewhat provocative. However, girls these days wear mesh without even thinking about it. Embroidered mesh top is something you must try. It’s a perfect layer that you’ll love to wear!

Embroidery is a beautiful way to decorate your clothes. You can do it yourself or buy some charming pieces with different embroidery designs.
When it comes to embroidered tops, you will see how practical they are to wear. You can wear them for both casual and dressy occasions, cropped, with a top underneath or fully transparent. Let’s see together some of the outfit ideas that I have prepared for you today.

High waist jeans with embroidered mesh top

If you want to wear your tops with high-waisted jeans, don’t worry because I have prepared some ideas that can help you with that. Here are some of the best ideas on how to wear your high waisted jeans with an embroidered mesh top.

embroidered mesh top jeans with high waist and delicate pink pocket
Summer is an ideal time to wear crop mesh tops. Choosing high-waisted jeans will undoubtedly make you look very trendy and attractive. However, you can never look like you’ve overdone it.
The colorful embroidery on this mesh top is great for pairing with a blush pink bag. This outfit is ideal for every day when paired with flats, mules or lace-up sandals.

embroidered mesh denim bag with high waist
Velvet bralette is a fantastic way to show some skin but still look chic and non-nude. The embroidered mesh top makes an excellent layering piece, so don’t worry. You can style it with high-waisted jeans and slip on a statement belt. This is an excellent outfit for some nightclubs.

embroidered black bralette with mesh top
It’s almost the same situation when you go for black bralette. It looks chic, modern and ready for the evening. You can tuck your mesh top into high-waisted jeans and finish off with a black crossbody bag. You can wear this during the day or for parties.

embroidered mesh top shorts
Wear these high-waisted denim shorts and this beautiful mesh top embroidered with flowers on hot summer days. Although it has long sleeves, this top is perfect for summer. Put on a big black belt while you can style black bralette under your top.
When it comes to shoes, you can opt for ankle boots, mules or super high heels depending on where you want to go.

Black jeans + embroidered mesh top

All black outfit fans, this section is definitely for you. Here are some ideas on how to style your embroidery mesh top with black jeans or pants.

embroidered black mesh top jeans
This is a gorgeous button down shirt that looks perfect for both casual and dressy occasions. The ruffle hem is quite amazing and adds a touch of glamor to this shirt. The floral embroidery looks really beautiful, so let this top sing a song. Pair it with black skinny jeans. Finish it all off with a black bag.

embroidered black mesh top jeans
Large floral embroidery covers the mesh, so you can opt for this top for more formal occasions. The sleeves have small fringes on both sides that make it unique.
Paired with black jeans and minimal jewelry, you can wear this top for both casual and formal occasions.

White jeans + embroidered mesh top

How about a white jeans outfit? Trust me. It is very nice.

embroidered white mesh top jeans
High-waisted white jeans look great with an embroidered mesh top. The bodice itself is gorgeous, with bell sleeves and floral embroidery. It has a crop hem so you can style it on vacation or around town on hot summer days.

embroidered mesh top white jeans yellow bag
Let your floral embroidery match the bag. If you like bright colors, let it be yellow. It’s great for lifting both lifters and trendy looking colors. White jeans look modern and chic. You can use this mesh top as a layer clamp over the black top.

Leather skirts + embroidered mesh top

I always like to mix materials. Let’s see how to mix leather skirts and mesh tops.

embroidered mesh top leather skirt
Red embroidered flowers on this mesh top look very beautiful and beautiful. Paired with a leather pencil skirt, you can wear it for elegant or formal occasions. In this case, you can calm down the sheer material by wearing a blazer or cardigan over it.

embroidered mesh top leather mini skirt
Bell sleeves were one of the main trends of the past season. They look very cool and remind me of a time in the past when I wore (and adored) them as a young girl.
You can wear your embroidered mesh top with a mini skirt that zips up the front.

Shoulder embroidered leather skirt with mesh bodice
The strapless mesh top looks amazing when paired with a leather mini skirt. You can pair it with a sleeveless bralette or even a bikini when you’re on vacation.
Wear yours with sandals, mules or lace-ups.

A-line skirt + embroidered mesh top

embroidered mesh bodice a line skirt
A-line skirts aren’t that flattering for everyone. Be sure to try it before you buy it. Plus, it looks great when paired with a mesh top with bell sleeves. The transparent material is covered with colorful floral embroidery on the hem and sleeves.

Denim skirt + embroidered mesh top

embroidered mesh denim skirt
If you’re not into floral motifs, that’s no problem. You can go for this awesome black embroidered mesh top and keep your outfit demure and simple. If you want to wear it in summer, pair it with a mini rim skirt and complement it with flats or open toe ankle boots.

Mix up the patterns

Embroidered Moses Top Striped Pants
You don’t have to follow the rules. Everything is allowed in fashion. Mix colors, mix patterns and enjoy creating new outfits. Composed of an embroidered mesh top and striped pants, this outfit looks gorgeous.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Be sure to read all the other style guides we have prepared for you.

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