Early Fall Girl Outfits

Fall is not that far away, and we’ve already told you about transition look ideas for men and women, even for the office. However, it is high time to prepare not only for the transition period but also for early autumn. Let’s find out how to dress up for early fall, get comfortable, and enjoy the weather.

Early autumn outfits with jeans

Jeans are number one for all types of outfits, and early fall is no exception. White jeans are reminiscent of summer and suggest that it is not that far, as are ripped or bleached jeans. Blue, navy, gray and black show that it’s autumn already. Add a t-shirt or shirt you like, put on a blazer or sweater when it’s cold. A motor or leather jacket is also gray. Don’t forget to add a comfortable and stylish scarf as layered looks are very trendy all year round.

Early autumn outfits with dresses

What can be more comfortable and cozy than a cool swing dress with a pair of boots and a blanket scarf? Skirt case colors: olive green, gray, burgundy, amber and neutrals. Choose cut out ankle boots, they are the hottest for fall looks and will make you brave. In fact, a pair of ankle boots is essential for transitional and fall looks. So if you don’t have one, buy them.

Other outfit ideas for early fall

You can also style a summer romper suit for fall: combine it with a sweater or cardigan or ankle boots and voila! Try black leggings or lederhosen and Converse with a plaid t-shirt for a casual and comfy look. A real skirt is always on point, combine it with a blazer or a moto jacket or rock a neutral leather jacket to make a statement.

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