Dragon Men Tattoos

A dragon tattoo is one of the most powerful tattoo designs. It is no secret that many men and women choose these types of tattoos and place them on their arms, back, shoulders or legs. Now let’s consider what these tattoos mean and what designs you can include. First of all, the word “dragon” is a Greek and translated “giant snake”. You should also know that these creatures have connections with different cultures. You can find them in Asian and European folklore. The first meaning of a dragon is wisdom and longevity. It is easy to guess that this type of tattoo is a symbol of strength and power, and you can also find the information that a dragon means a manhood. If you want to show your deep connection with a nature, you can turn your attention to various tribal tattoo designs with images of a dragon. This tattoo can also symbolize a calm and meditation. To find a perfect tattoo, be sure to scroll down to see all of the ideas collected. Enjoy!

Black Dragon Tattoo Ideas

If you want to ink a small or even very small tattoo, you can use a black tribal or yin yang tattoo design. Such tattoos look amazing on the neck, wrists, legs or a chest. When you’re ready for big and eye-catching tattoo ideas, you can ask your tattoo artist to do a giant Asian dragon image on your back. These tattoos mean power, wealth and good luck.

Colorful dragon tattoo ideas

Don’t be afraid of bright colors, they can make your tattoo more beautiful and unique. You can paint your black outline tattoos with green, blue, red or whatever colors you like. If you want to add some detail, you can choose an orange flame of fire, animals or unrealistic creatures (e.g. phoenix) or even flowers. Be creative!

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