Dog Men Tattoo Ideas

Dogs are believed to be man’s best friends and I think many people around the world will agree with this fact. This is why many of us (who really love dogs) choose to have a dog tattoo done. We’ve already brought you some stunning tattoo ideas for women so it’s time for men. First of all, you need to take a picture so it can be just your favorite breed or a realistic portrait of your dog. You can do these type of tattoos as a symbol of loyalty, friendship or family, or as domination and power if you want to choose aggressive races. Men can sometimes be more sentimental than women, then you can often see tattoos with their dog (face or paws) that have already passed away. Second, choose a right location for your new tattoo such as arms, chest, shoulders, or legs. Now you can scroll down to consider all of the ideas and then try repeating one of them.

Black Dog Tattoo Ideas

If you want to do tiny tattoos, repeat a minimalist black outline and place it on your fingers or a neck. Are you looking for original ideas? Then look out for geometric tattoos that look absolutely great on your forearm or calf. In memory of your dog, you can color a black paw with dates of life or a name.

Colorful dog tattoo ideas

As you know, 3D tattoos are very popular right now. So you can follow this trend and make these type of tattoos. And for a more realistic view, be sure to add some colors. To make your tattoos more eye-catching, you can add a watercolor effect or some extra details like pictures of flowers or bones. You can find more perfect ideas below.

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