Diy Temporary Tattoo

Always wanted a tattoo but didn’t go for a permanent one? Or do you want to test some pictures on your skin before applying a real tattoo? Or do you just want to prepare for the beach season and look for fresh ideas? So we have a brilliant idea for you! Today we offer you to try temporary tattoos! If you think these fake tattoos are only for kids, you are completely wrong. Check out fashionistas and celebrities and how they are wearing very trendy flash tattoos for example! We also have to say that these tattoos are very easy to do and awesome. And they look amazing with tanned skin!

First of all, you need to start with a simple tattoo design. For example, if you don’t have any ideas yet, you can try these ring and bracelet ideas. Or you can download some cool pictures from the internet, there are lots of different interesting ideas about them! And second, remember that you should avoid contact with liquids while the tattoo is drying. So let’s do it! All you need for this project is temporary tattoo paper, an inkjet printer, and scissors. First, print the image on a temporary tattoo sheet. Then choose an area on your body that you don’t bend, as this can lead to unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. Now cut out your picture and cut it as close as possible to the picture. Then, carefully peel the tattoo off the paper and apply it to the skin with the sticky side down (you can ask for help with applying it to your skin). Voila! Your tattoos are ready! It was easy, wasn’t it?

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