Diy Resin Jewelry Tutorials

Everyone wears accessories, sometimes they can make up the whole outfit. Today we’re sharing some ideas of very eye-catching jewelry – resin! Such pieces of jewelry are not only bold accessories, but also great gifts for your girls. Making resin jewelry is great fun, but be careful: it can also be addicting because there are always more designs that you can make!

With open frames and resin sets, you can make very stylish modern jewelry. Here the author tells how to make cool geometric earrings of different colors.

Do you need more earrings? This guide will lead you to unique pendants or earrings that are translucent and almost glass-like.

Stacking rings and bangles are still very trendy in the fashion world. Create a set of stacking rings using resin kits.

These flying bird earrings are made from resin and silicone cake icing. They are blue but you can go for any color you like.

If you need jewelry inspired by the sea, here is a tutorial. Read how to make this great sculpted pendant or earrings out of resin shells and include a video.

What I love about resin is that you can keep everything inside and make it look natural forever. These pendants are made from real dried nuns, and the look is beautiful and the process to perform this technique is quite simple.

Here is another trailer dedicated to the sea and beaches. This resin necklace contains colorful sea glass that looks very noticeable.

These monogram / initial / alphabet rivets are made from resin. They are decorated with gold leaf to enhance them a little.

Love enamel? Here is a tutorial on how to make enamel art pendants that texturize epoxy and then color in with 2 parts of resin and dyes. It’s a super fun technique that produces unique results that are truly handmade and of an artisanal quality.

This light snowflake resin jewelry tutorial shows some ways you can achieve wonderful colored backgrounds and effects. The snowflake elements used included stickers, stamps, and metal filigree.

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