Diy Halloween Animal Makeup

What can be cuter than animals? Nothing! That is why an animal costume and makeup is one of the cutest ideas for Halloween, it’s timeless and always edgy, and girls look super cute in fox, kitten, and bunny costumes. We’ve already shared cat makeup ideas that are most popular with girls, but never mind, there are plenty more cool animals to portray. Here are some makeup tutorials and you will easily find a suitable costume for them.

This is a fresh take on a typical “sexy” animal costume. We’ve all seen the cute mouse or sexy cat roam around every Halloween with her face makeup just a black button nose and liquid eyeliner whiskers, right? This year you dare to have something extraordinary. Rock a fox costume and makeup – watch the video tutorial to make it a reality.

If you need a last minute Halloween costume, try this cute bear! Go for a simple costume and use regular makeup as well as some white face paint for this look. Use a darker foundation and lots of bronzer to darken the face. Check out the video about this makeup.

This is a new and fresh take on a Halloween animal costume! Puppy Snapchat Filters: This look is super simple and can be achieved with a few makeup items, paper, scissors, and eyelash glue. Hope you enjoy this post for easy Halloween costume: Puppy Snapchat Filters.

Deers are oh so cute! Do this makeup inspired by deer and become a cute and sexy animal this year. Use bronzer and darker shades, add black and white dots to mimic deer spots. Do an updo to mimic ears or wear an ear headband.

Do you have a fox costume? Then all you need is a decent makeup and some felt ears to make the look stand out. This tutorial will show you how to create this fox makeup and look amazing this Halloween. Let yourself be inspired!

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