Diy Foodie Halloween Costumes

If you don’t have favorite characters or don’t want to be like everyone wears the same superhero look every year, there’s a fun alternative – opt for a foodie Halloween costume! Such costumes are usually colorful and fun, and they will make you look bold and cute, and – importantly – they are pretty easy to make! Here are some tutorials to showcase your favorite foods!

Who doesn’t want to dance around as a colorful, sprinkled unicorn toast this Halloween? This super cute DIY Unicorn Toast Halloween costume isn’t too difficult to make and you will be a hit at every Halloween party you attend this year if you show up in this costume.

A donut is good, but some days you only need a dozen donuts. And now you can eat a dozen donuts while putting together this cute costume for Halloween! The donuts here are made of felt, and you can choose their glazing however you like.

The toaster biscuit costume is an incredible idea! If you don’t like hats or you are turning yourself into a giant piece of cake, this is it! It’s just a dress with a little flair!

Maybe mom didn’t let you eat sugary granola when you were a kid. Now is the time to all rebel. Because if you can’t eat your Froot Loops, at least you can wear them instead. Here is a giant cereal bowl costume with pool noodles for frozen loops and a giant spoon. This is a crazy one, but it’s sure to get everyone’s attention.

This DIY popcorn costume is perhaps the cheapest and easiest of all costumes! Crumple, paint, glue, wear. Your kids could do it too, and how cute would that be for a little kid !? You can also carry popcorn around as a prop, so that’s reason enough, okay?

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