Diy Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Have you decided on a cute Halloween look? Then a cat is just right for you – looks so cute! There are endless options when it comes to your cat ensemble – sultry or cute, classic or trendy, simple or dramatic. And by customizing your makeup game to suit your mood, your short term kitten costume can look just like you planned it for weeks. Aside from a costume, you need makeup and I’m here to help – I’m sharing DIY cat makeup tutorials for all the girls who want a cute and sexy outfit!

When you have young children, turning yourself into something scary is not an option. Being a cat is exactly what you need for Halloween when you have kids. You don’t need a costume and you can find a cheap kitty cat headband pretty much anywhere. This tutorial will really spice up the “costume” you have planned for yourself, or it will make you the talk of the party.

Did you forget your Halloween look? This last minute Halloween costume includes makeup that is also very quick to make. A black turtleneck and ears, plus a cat-style eyeliner and whiskers – and off you go!

A black cat is a symbol of Halloween! This makeup is extremely cute and simple, and instead of ears, you can find a proper hat. Check out the video to find out how to do this makeup.

This makeup is more realistic and will go with your cute kitten costume. The makeup contains glamorous imitation eyelashes to make your look sexy. However, you can skip this point if you don’t want one.

Cats are one of the best costumes to pull together at the last minute: all it takes is a pair of ears and a black outfit. A glamorous Halloween make-up look for cats can turn a “boring” ensemble into an ensemble that makes a statement at every party.

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