Diy Beach Body Chains

Boho chic and gypsy styles are now very popular and we see them everywhere from event and home decor to clothing. This of course also applies to beach outfits: Boho beachwear is very chic and sexy, and there is no boho style without accessories, exaggerated, bold and beautiful. Bracelets, necklaces, rings and toe rings, anklets, and even headwear will make you stand out, but a body chain will do it even more! Today I want to offer you some DIY body chains that are great rocking on the beach in summer.

Make this cool body chain with a geometric pattern to rock on the beach or at a music festival. A chain, some clasps, and rings are all you need to make it. Read the tutorial!

A glowing summer staple that can add so much personalization to your beach wardrobe. With just a few tools and around ten minutes, you can make your own body chain. Here are the basics, but the writers encourage you to use your creativity to grab this DIY trend and really make it yours.

Body chains, which revolve around body parts that are normally neglected by jewelry makers, have been on trend in the blogosphere for some time. Due to the nature of the project, this is more of a diagram than a tutorial, but it will help you create a stunning chain.

This body chain is highlighted with coins which is really great. Get an adorable gypsy-inspired look with this DIY body part!

Worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, body chains have been used to add a touch of simplicity. Although a body chain is delicate, it presents an outfit without being over the top. Follow this DIY to create your own tribal body chain. Not only is it cheap, but you can use the remaining supplies for a head chain too!

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