Dark Hair Ideas

Dark hair is a popular idea among girls, especially in fall and winter. There are thousands of dark hues and combinations to choose from, so every girl can find a suitable shade of hair. When you’re ready to change your hair color for a darker one, there are a few options you should consider.

Dark hair ideas

You can choose from many dark tones and shades: dark brown, black, black cherry, dark chocolate brown and dark purple. Pick a suitable shade that matches your complexion and eye color and go dark! This is a great way to stand out and enjoy the fall and winter. These are the best times of the year for dark hues. Dark shades look cool on short and long hair, on wavy and straight hair. So try it.

Dark ombre hair and highlights

Dark hues are cool, but adding highlights and layers gives the hairstyle more texture and volume. Dark brown hair can be highlighted with caramel or blonde locks, dark purple or blue if you want to lock in rock style. Try ombre hair from dark to light brown and caramel. It looks structured and cool, especially on medium to short lengths. Rock dark hair with balayage for a cool and trendy look. Choose colors for balayage yourself.

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