Daith Piercing Ideas

A daith piercing is an ear piercing that runs through the innermost cartilage fold of the ear, the cloister of the helix. This piercing is usually done by experts as it is quite difficult, especially considering the position of the piercing. If you like to adorn your ears with dainty little pieces of jewelry that are a form of self-expression, then it is well worth the aesthetic appeal of this piercing.

A daith piercing requires a little more attention than its counterparts because it is a larger wound. The healing time and the maintenance process are also a little more complicated than other piercings as they are done through thinner parts of the cartilage and this through a much thicker part.

The aftercare instructions given by your piercer should be followed as in religion, as even the slightest neglect can cause permanent disfigurement of your ear structure. The most important instruction is the size and material of the jewelry. All cartilage sizes are different. If you wear a certain type of jewelry without professional advice, it can damage the cartilage.

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