Crown Tattoo Ideas

A crown is a symbol of royalty and a crown tattoo means feeling strong, confident, ambitious and powerful. Crown tattoos can be large or small, black or watercolor, and they can be placed anywhere and look amazing anytime. Let’s check out the most popular ideas for inspiration!

Couple crown tattoos

Many couples love to get such matching tattoos. They can be placed wherever you want on arms, fingers, wrists, legs and feet. You can add dates of your wedding or meeting, a meaningful phrase or word, etc. – anything that is important to your couple. Some couples often add the words “king” and “queen” to crowns. Instead of your wedding ring, a crown tattoo can also be colored.

Arm and hand crown tattoos

Let everyone see your crown and your royal feeling by inking a crown on your hand or finger. Rock a colorful or watercolor statement arm tattoo, accentuating it with a heart, phrase, or date or whatever. Your crown can differ in size and appearance – it can be detailed or just an outline. Do bff crown tattoos with your girls and friends to start a royal club.

Leg and feet crown tattoos

Your legs and feet will look cooler with strong crowns! Make several on both feet or a tiny crown on your heel and feel like a queen or a king!

Body Crown Tattoos

Your body needs to be crowned! Ink a crown on the back of your neck, side, collarbone, shoulder, or elsewhere so that you can hide it when you don’t want anyone to see it and show it off if you want. I also love the idea of ​​a delicate tiny crown tattoo behind the ear.

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