Cropped Denim Jacket Outfits

Oversized denim jackets are one of the trends that are still around, but this year, shortened items are all the rage. So if you’re looking to buy a denim jacket this year, choose a cropped one. How do you style it? Here are a few ideas.

Go for a cropped denim jacket that is a little oversized to create a 90s-inspired look – this is super edgy! Go for whitewashed denim or even colored denim – red, brown, gray and other colors. Don’t be afraid to be brave!

A short denim jacket is a nice cover-up for any summer outfit. Go for high waisted pants or jeans of a different color, add a crop top and sneakers. Think of a cool dress, short denim jacket and sneakers – these are classics. If you’re rocking a miniskirt, I would recommend an ordinary t-shirt and short jacket to show less skin. However, if you are a daring girl, wear a cropped top!

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