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Cool Tennis Tattoo Ideas

We keep sharing sport-themed tattoo ideas with you. This time we’re talking about tennis-inspired. I am sure some of you love these types of sports and watching games. So how about a tennis tattoo? First of all, you should take a picture, for example, it can be a tennis ball, racket, or even a tennis player. Second, think of a place for your new tattoo. Men and women around the world mostly choose forearms, shoulders, backs, or legs. And thirdly, don’t forget about the colors so you can pick up a black or colored tattoo (for example, a classic green tennis ball with ink). It depends on your preferences and other tattoos. At the moment I offer you to scroll down to see all the ideas that are sure to inspire you.

Tennis tattoo ideas for men

If you love simple ideas, you can make a black outline tennis racket with the words “go, go, go” on your leg or two racket tattoos on your stomach. Do you want something unique? Then ask your tattoo artist to ink a broken black tennis racket on your forearm. When you are ready for some colorful tattoos, try repeating a tennis racket and flying green ball tattoo on your biceps or a ball with a flame tattoo and placing it on your chest. Do you love 3D tattoos? Yes, they look great! Then ink a black racket and several tennis balls on your hand.

Tennis tattoo ideas for women

Women also love to color tennis tattoos so you can follow their examples. You can have matching tennis ball and infinity tattoos on the wrists with your best friend. Or ink a tiny black outline ball tattoo on the forearms. Are you ready for bold ideas? Then repeat a black and white picture of a tennis player on the legs.

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