combine shoes

shoe type

Combine with / to


Combine ankle boots with:

Jeans (examples: skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans), jodhpurs, leggings, short to mid-length skirts

Combine ankle sandals with:

short skirts, shorts / shorts, 3/4 or 7/8 pants, cigarette pants

Combine ballet flats with:

Leggings, yoga pants, cigarette pants, costume

Combine booties into:

jeans, dress

Combine boots with:

Mini skirt, elegant outfits, costume (see also restriction in the encyclopedia article)

Combine boat shoes with:

classic look with blouse, jeans, shorts or mini skirts

Combine canvas shoes with:

Jeans and sweaters, shorts (e.g. denim shorts or bib shorts)

Combine chucks to:

skinny jeans, hot pants (connects to the miniskirt)

Clogs connect to:

short pieces of clothing (examples: mini skirts, capris)

Combine college shoes with:

Skinny jeans, 3/4 length pants, pleated pants

Crocodiles combine to:

shorts and skirts

Combine D’Orsay pumps with:

Jeans, cloth pants (e.g. cigarette pants or carrot pants)

Combine dianettes to:

Jeans (and almost all kinds of pants)

Combine espadrilles with:

tight 3/4 jeans, beach dress, short pants and mini skirts, long skirts or dresses

Combine flamenco pumps with:

Evening dress, jeans and shirt

Combine Havaianas to:

Shorts and skirts, jeans

Combine high heels with:

Skinny jeans, chinos, dresses, short skirts and shorts, cigarette pants / tapered pants, harem pants

High peaks combine to:

Pants that are relatively narrow, short skirts

Combine high-front pumps to:

Mini skirt, leggings, jeans, pleated trousers

(Can be combined in many ways)

Combine Jodhpur Booties with:

Skirts, shorts (in combination with a blouse), dress pants

Combine wedge pumps to:

3/4 jeans, short skirts and dresses, Marlene trousers, skinny jeans or chinos

Combine wedges with:

Skinny jeans, Marlene trousers, chinos, tight stretch jeans, short dresses, short leggings, skirts

Combine slippers with:

dark blue jeans, linen pants, short skirts, cigarette pants

Combine Mary Janes to:

short skirts, jeans, skirts that are not too long

Combine moccasins with:

Straight jeans (tight or wide), dress, slightly wider pants

Combine Moon Boots with:

short skirts, tight pants (e.g. stretch jeans)

Combine Open Toe Booties with:

short skirts, 7/8 pants or 3/4 pants

Combine over-the-knee boots with:

Jeans, short skirts

Combine mules to:

Negligee, shorts

Combine Peep Toe Boots with:

Blue jeans

Wear Peep Toe Ankle Boots with:

short skirts, shorts, 3/4 length pants, skirts of different lengths, cloth pants like cigarette pants or harem pants

Combine penny loafers with:

Skinny jeans, 3/4 pants or pleated pants

Combine platform shoes with:

knee-length skirts or dresses, floor-length pants

Combine pony heels with:

tight pants

Combine pumps to:

With the little black chinos, the pencil skirt, the stretch jeans or the Harlen pants from Marlene

(Can be combined in many ways)

Roman sandals combine to:

short skirts, summer dresses or capris, jeans

Combine Sabots into:

Jeans, sundresses, skirts of different lengths

Combine sandal boots with:

Miniskirt, summer dress

Combine sandals with:

Sundress and other clothes, jeans, shorts (shorts, such as denim shorts), yoga pants, cigarette pants / pants, palazzo pants, harem pants and other cloth pants

Combine sandals with:

Summer dress, mini skirt, blue jeans, stretch jeans and top, tapered pants / cigarette pants

Slingbacks connect to:

long dresses and the little black, blue jeans, 3/4 or 7/8 pants, leggings

Slingbacks connect to:

Cocktail dress, 3/4 trousers, 3/4 jeans

(Versatile combinations)

Combine sneakers with:

Jeans, leggings, shorts

Clamp pumps connect to:

Jeans, short dresses, skirts

Combine ankle boots with:

Skirts, dresses, tight to medium pants, shorts

Combine stilettos with:

Mini skirt, pants that are not too loose

Combine wedge pumps to:

short dresses or skirts, skinny jeans, tight stretch jeans, chinos, Marlene trousers

Wedges connect to:

tight stretch jeans, skinny jeans, chinos, short skirts or dresses, Marlene pants

Combine wide-leg boots with:

Blue jeans, skirts

Combine “Zumba Shoes” with:

3/4 pants, tank top

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