Combat Boots Winter Outfits

Transform your look with combat boots this winter! They are among the hottest trends and will be on trend next year too. Combat boots are extremely comfortable and look more neutral, especially when worn with dresses or skirts. Let’s take a look at what things we should add to this.

Outfits with skirts / dresses

Create a comfy and girly look with a bold skirt of your choice and black tights, black combat boots, a sweater and a parka or shearling coat. It can also be a sweater dress, wear it with leggings, combat boots and a parka or a puff coat.

Outfits with jeans / pants

Combat boots go perfectly with jeans or leather gaiters! Adding a sweater or turtleneck, lambskin coat, winter coat or puff coat can make you feel cozy and comfortable. As for the colors, it’s entirely up to you, but for a more masculine feel, try all-black outfits. Get inspired!

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