Color Block Sweaters Outfits

We continue to share beautiful color block garments and accessories with you. Today is the time for cozy and warm color block sweaters. Depending on your overall outfit and your desires, you should choose one type of sweater. For example, you can choose an oversized or turtleneck color block sweater for a relaxed look or a fitted crew neck sweater for casual or even more formal outfits. Do you want something colorful? Then choose a white, pink, and red sweater. If you’re looking for a more elegant item, look out for a tan, black, and brown sweater. Scroll down to see more ideas. Get inspired!

Outfits with jeans and pants

Below are lots of interesting casual outfit ideas. So, first of all, you can pair a turtleneck with beige and black color blocks and pair it with skinny jeans, black suede boots with a low heel above the knee, sunglasses and a shoulder bag with black leather straps. Second, you can choose black leggings and pair them with black leather boots, oversized sunglasses, a small bag, and a loose sweater in beige, navy blue, gray, and light pink. And third, you can try repeating a combination with white skinny pants, beige suede ankle boots, a beige wide-brimmed hat, a brown leather bag, a necklace, and a black, brown, and white color-block sweater.

Outfits with skirts

If you want something feminine and stylish, choose pastel colored clothes. For example, you can find a white, pale yellow, orange, and purple loose sweater and pair it with a white buttoned shirt, white framed sunglasses, a brown pleated midi skirt, and a brown leather shoulder bag. Or take a light pink pleated skirt and pair it with a red little bag and a light pink, emerald green and beige color block sweater.

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