Classic Blue Outerwear Items

Classic Blue Outerwear Items

Classic blue is the 2020 color of Pantone, and this shade has already found its way into the look of fashionistas and celebrities. Let’s see how you can add this color to your outfit too, and let’s start with outerwear!

Which outerwear do you prefer for winter and spring? The most popular answer is a coat, and there are plenty of classic blue coats out there! Choose a midi or over the knee coat, prefer an oversized or slim, minimalist coat.

Wear puff coats in classic blue – puff coats and jackets in strong and neon colors are currently very much in trend! A jacket or trench coat can also be great choices if you want to show your love for classic blue. If you like faux fur coats, a classic blue faux fur coat is a great idea that has been rocked by many celebrities.

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